What you need to know about a paint brush?

Most of us like to paint different things. Some of us are professional painters while some of us just paint for fun. If you are serious about the subject it’s very important that you have some knowledge about the different types of paintbrushes. 

Paintbrushes are made up of stiff or soft hairs, which are either natural hairs or synthetic fibers. Soft brushes are specially designed for thin paints as they spread easily. Similarly, in case of hard strokes, you need hard brushes for creating brush marks in the paints.

Is natural hair better than synthetic?
Natural hair paintbrushes are expensive as compared to synthetic brushes. The modern synthetic brushes are excellent and have the flexibility to beat even a Kolinsky sable. If you are considering buying a painting brush then synthetic paintbrushes are the way to go.

Natural Hair used in paintbrushes

  • Sable: Sable brushes are expensive as compared to the other natural hair brushes; they are soft, flexible and form a point when they are put into a brush. Kolinsky sable brushes from Siberia has been of late renowned the best hair for watercolor brushes.
  • Squirrel: Squirrel hair brushes are comparatively quite cheaper than a sable hairbrush. They are made of soft hair with a little bit of spring. If you considering buying a squirrel hair brush it would be advisable to go for larger squirrel brushes as they work better than the smaller ones.
  • Hog/Bristle: This strange brush is made from the hair at the back of the pig. A hog or a bristle brush is a string and springy with natural split ends. They are mostly used for oil painting and acrylics painting.
  • Camel: Camel brushes are made from other types of soft hair. Camel's hair is unsuitable as it is too wooly.
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